About the Seikatsu Club


The Seikatsu Club started from a system for the collective purchase of milk in 1965. We have been creating the materials we need for our daily life through collaboration between members and producers, and have been solving social problems through collective purchase.
We have our own safety standard for every single food item we sell, and we control production in accordance with the standard.
At the same time, we work to build systems that will enhance cooperation and mutual help in order to improve the quality of life for each member.

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"10 Ways We Think & Act" are principles of actions for everyone who engages in the Seikatsu Club

◆Think & Act Data Book 2017


2018/9/27 Declaring our will to “continue to consume” livestock products raised on NON-GM feed
Seikatsu Club requested JA ZEN-NOH to renew the “Long-term Seed Supply Agreement” for NON-GM corn
2018/3/13 Lively exchange activities and regional revitalization spread from Seikatsu Club wind turbine “Yumekaze”
2018/2/26 “Domestically Grown Blended Canola Oil” is new and improved!
We have increased the ratio of domestically grown canola in raw material from 10 % to 30%.
2017/3/15 Seikatsu Club Taiyo Sukusuku Day-care Center for children opens in Hanno Delivery Center!
2017/2/22 Japanese version of ICA Sustainability Reporting for Co-operatives: A Guidebook published
2016/6/23 Seikatsu Club Consumers’ Co-operative Union Holds 27th General Meeting Revision of the Seikatsu Club Charter and the Special Resolution on the Collective Buying of Electricity Adopted
2015/9/16 We Oppose the Enactment of the Security-related Bills - The Seikatsu Club Consumers’ Co-operative Union and the Regional Seikatsu Clubs Express their Opinion
2015/7/16 We Only Drink GMO-Free Beer!
2015/6/23 The 26th General Meeting of the Seikatsu Club Consumers’ Co-operative Union
 Special Resolution for Creating “FEC Self-sufficient Zones” was Adopted
2015/3/19 Seikatsu Club Participates in the ICA Sustainability Advisory Group Meeting in the United States
2015/1/9 Seikatsu Club’s Continuous Monitoring of Radiation For Informed Choices
2014/12/12 Seikatsu Club Visits Center for Food Safety in Washington DC
Growing Demand for GM Food Labeling in the United States
2014/11/21 Seikatsu Club Launches Seikatsu Club Energy Co. Ltd. for the Collective Purchase of Environmentally-friendly Electricity
2014/9/22 Seikatsu Club Consumers' Co-operative Union and GREEN CO-OP. UNION Cooperative Society Have Released a Joint Proclamation about Non-GM Corn Promotion
2014/6/24 International Co-operative Alliance Organizes the First Meeting of the Sustainability Advisory Group
2014/5/16 Sharing, Connecting and Overcoming
Conference Held in Korea on the Current Situation in Fukushima
2014/4/9 GM-free canola farmers from Western Australia visit the Seikatsu Club
2014/3/4 Three Years since the Disaster─ Protecting Children in Fukushima
2014/1/21 In Memory of Dr. Ian MacPherson
2013/11/27 Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese Asian Sisters’ Gathering in Kansai─Feeling the Energy of Cooperatives across Borders
2013/10/22 Solidarity among People in Japan and Korea for Biodiversity Preservation
2013/9/11 Policy for Non-GM Corn from the United States up to 2022 has been Decided
2013/8/28 A Tour of Hope for the Future
Refreshment Tour to Korea for Fukushima Children
2013/7/18 Takahashi Tokuji Shoten
Inauguration of the Higashi-matsushima Factory
2013/6/11 Our First Original Brand Insurance Product: The Seikatsu Club Consumers’ Co-operative Union of Mutual Aid
2013/5/24 “Eating Power” Accelerates Restoration of Disaster-affected Producers
2013/4/15 We will work until GM foods disappear!
2013/3/25 Two Years since the Great Earthquake
Seikatsu Club Fukushima: To the places where support is needed
2012/12/17 Non-GM Seed Production Assured in the United States
2012/12/12 Study Tour to Meet Fishermen and Seafood Processors Learns more about Fish from Nagasaki
2012/11/6 Co-operative Study Tours to Share Experiences with Co-operatives around the World
2012/10/1 Refreshment Tours for Fukushima Kids
2012/8/20 Seikatsu Club Adopts Voluntary Standard on Radioactivity Levels
2012/8/1 Our Buying Power Sends Signals to Society
2012/7/25 100,000 People Say Good-bye to Nuclear Power Plants
2012/6/1 Donations from the members made it possible! "Fishing boats of hope" given to tsunami-hit fishermen in Omoe
2012/4/10 Annual Conference to Discuss the Action Plans for Fiscal Year 2012